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Whether you're a homeowner, renter, family, traveler or business owner, if you're interested in embracing an eco-friendly, zero-waste lifestyle, we're here to help you realize your ambition. 

Zero-waste is a philosophy that encourages the minimization of the amount of material one consumes or throws away. The lifestyle entails conservation of resources by responsible production, packaging, reuse of materials without burning, and without discharging wastes to air, land, or water, in a way that threatens human health or the environment. 

However, the concept of "zero waste" is easily misinterpreted by many. 

To tell the truth, the zero waste creed isn't about producing no waste, since that is practically impossible in our modern world. 

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to reduce our negative impact on Mother Earth to the bare minimum. 

Don't worry. We'll show you how.

Hi There! We're Dustin and Noami, Infopreneurs and Minimalists. 

We are zero-waste activists who live and travel in a campervan, in which we explore the planet and run our own sustainable consulting business plus blog about eco-minded living.

The idiom "Out of sight, out of mind" definitely doesn't apply in the case of personal waste disposal. Some garbage will decompose, but most will not. 

It's no longer news that our oceans are full of man-made waste. While there are no exact figures, plastic waste alone is said to be in millions of tons.

This huge debris constitutes a serious danger to wildlife who may ingest it accidentally or even confuse it as food. As plastic is indigestible, it sits in their stomach and eventually blocks the digestive tract.

For instance, a 4.5-tonne sperm whale, found dead on the Southern coast of Spain in 2012, was discovered by autopsy to have ingested over 37 pounds of plastic blocking its stomach.

In addition, some waste generates methane gas which contributes greatly to the Greenhouse effect and global warming. A predicted consequence of this is extreme climate changes which have dire implications for life on Earth.

In 2016 alone, 5 percent of global emissions originated from solid waste.

Despite these harmful impacts of garbage on the environment, many people still have no scruples about sending their used items to the landfill.

However, if you’re eco-conscious and determined to stem this trend, then you've found like-minds.

We are dedicated zero-waste advocates. We help people reduce their impact on the environment by guiding them towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, we want to help make the world a better place for all its inhabitants.


Doing More With Less

We are here to help you embrace the zero waste lifestyle. 

We leverage on our years of personal experience in waste reduction and environmental management to smoothen your path towards zero waste living. 

We'll help you: 

  • Conduct a personal waste audit

  • Identify areas for improvement 

  • Decide fitting zero-waste swaps

  • Learn to reduce waste at the source 

  • Find neighboring eco-minded individuals 

  • Learn how to shop zero waste

  • Locate zero waste stores in your area

  • How to reuse & repurpose


What motivates small businesses to embrace conservation and environmentally-friendly practices? 

For some, it's the benefits that help a company succeed in the competitive environment. For others, it's the ethical reason of protecting our planet and its inhabitants. We believe that both are real goals that can be achieved simultaneously. 

For example, a consumer survey from SurveyMonkey showed that more US consumers are willing to open their wallets for eco-friendly products. The figure of 55% more than doubled the percentage of such respondents (at 23%) a decade ago. 

As dedicated conservationists, we possess the experience and passion to create a new world and to help small-scale enterprises embrace and implement ethical, eco-conscious business solutions. 

We will help your business: 

  • Save time and resources 

  • Minimize resource consumption 

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Connect with sustainable suppliers 

  • Attract eco-minded customers 


We empower communities to embrace the zero-waste, green lifestyle by recreating a mini-world that lives within its means for sustainability. 

We're available to conduct community-based zero waste workshops around the U.S. 

Contact us to schedule a Zero Waste Workshop at your next event or choose a package below.


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