Sustainable Homes


Saving Money, While Reducing Your Impact!

Did you know that 20 percent of residential energy consumption in the U.S. is from heating water? Household energy use is a major contributor to carbon emissions and global climate change. 

There’s a common misconception that “going green” in your home is expensive. In fact, eco-friendly homes consume less energy than traditional homes. With a few low-cost changes, you’ll immediately notice a difference in your energy bill. 

We provide sustainability consulting services for homes, apartments, tiny houses, yurts, bungalows, igloos, you name it.  

With a comprehensive assessment of your home’s systems and your habits, we’ll generate a personalized plan of action to help you reduce your consumption, thereby reducing your environmental impact and saving you money. 

Whether you're constructing a new home,  renovating your existing home, or simply want to “green” your life, we'll work with you to help create your ideal sustainable home.

Areas assessed include:

  • Energy Consumption

  • Water Management

  • Waste Management

  • Shopping Habits

  • Lifestyle Habits

Energy costs are on the rise. Why wait to future-proof your home?

We can help you to achieve cost-effective, durable, and sustainable outcomes in your home.


Tiny Living


Living Like Royalty in a tiny house

In recent years, more people are simply choosing to downsize their living space and live with less.

The tiny-house lifestyle is a social movement that proclaims simple living in tiny houses. 

If you're a newcomer to this lifestyle, you may wonder what these tiny houses are. 

They may be stationary homes or tiny-homes-on-wheels. Tiny houses come in different forms and shapes, but they all enable freedom with simpler living. 

Benefits of Tiny Living 

Perhaps you've begun to wonder why someone would choose to live in a tiny house. 

As it turns out, there are numerous benefits of tiny living. The major advantages include financial freedom, easier maintenance, lower energy use, freedom of movement, harmony with nature, and a simpler life without room for excess stuff.

It may surprise you to know that 68% of tiny home owners have no mortgage compared to 29.3% among all U.S. homeowners. 

In addition, 32% of these tiny-home owners have over $10,000 saved away for retirement? 

As you can see, the tiny home lifestyle helps people to learn more about financial prudence. It's also a direct path to a smaller environmental footprint and a self-sufficient life. 

Thinking of joining the tiny living movement? 

As van-dwellers ourselves, we help our clients to build affordable, tiny homes - that is, ensure that their new tiny homes are designed with the environment in mind. We also help individuals, who already live in tiny homes to embrace green living by reducing waste, saving energy, and making eco-friendly choices. 

Not sure where to start your project? We'll coach you through the whole process.


What Topics Can We Cover?

  • How to live zero waste

  • Recycling & Composting

  • Living plastic-free

  • How to have a toxic-free home

  • Conserving water & energy

  • Green Building / Renovation

  • Off-grid energy

  • Maximizing storage in a tiny space

  • Becoming Minimalist



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Green Home Makeover


This Green Home Makeover includes:

  • Evaluation questionnaire

  • 60 min video call where we get to know you, your home, and your specific areas of concern

  • Get a personalized plan of action

  • 1-month, 3-month, & 6-month check-ins