Green Business Consulting



We're Dustin & Noami, two individuals with passion for sustainable living.

If you're a business owner, you may wonder what this means for your business.

Well, sustainable living is a lifestyle that advocates for reduction in our society's use of natural resources.

In fact, research has shown that in the ever-competitive business world, the impression that a company must be (eco)logically and socially responsible could be a major point of distinction for customers.

Many consumers tend to see global warming, toxic contamination of the environment, and resource scarcity as cogent issues that companies should address in their business operations. 

As a result, “going green” can boost a company's image and stimulate vibrant brand loyalty among its customers and stakeholders.

It can also help lower the business’ operational costs and eventually generate higher revenues. 

At Cacti and Coconuts, we offer sustainability consulting services for small to medium-size businesses as well as freelancers and home offices. We take pride in our proven ability to help improve business operations by drawing on our expertise and creating effective sustainability plans.

A good business consulting relationship requires technical skills, strategic insight, and trust. 

Due to these three reasons, we encourage you to get to know us first before deciding whether we're the right fit for your organization. 

Employee Briefing

A business is only as good as its employees.

When your employees understand the importance of eco-friendliness and sustainability to their organization, they often become sources of efficiency and innovation. 

By engaging all your personnel, you can embed sustainability into your company's culture. All trainings will directly focus on relevant sustainability theories and practices.

Our core competencies include:

Helping your business develop sustainability plans and reports. 

Helping your company reduce its carbon footprint.


We draw on our technical knowledge to help clients refocus on the sustainability issues that matter most to their business. We also deliver economic value and better environmental results.

We are agents of positive change!

Do you want to work with us to create positive change for your business?

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