Meet Dustin and Noami

Dustin & Noami

Hi there! We’re Dustin and Noami, two individuals with a passion for environmental advocacy and giving back - taking care of Mama Earth makes us happy. We truly believe in the power of sustainable thinking and healthy + ethical living, and their ability to inspire us to live in harmony with our natural world. We are sustainability consultants pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle and the faces behind  


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Noami Grevemberg

Noami is an eco-advocate and Sustainability Consultant with a knack for helping individuals and businesses make the leap from good intentions to environmentally conscious living. She has a gift for taking complicated ideas and breaking them down into simple, easy-to-implement steps. Among her peers she’s known as the “Eco-Guru.”

A digital nomad and full-time camper-dweller, she lives and travels in her solar-powered ‘85 Westy. As an avid hiker and general lover of the outdoors, you can often find her on the trail or on the water. She holds a BS in Environmental Science and a certification in eco-consulting.


Dustin Grevemberg

Dustin is a Green Building Consultant specializing in building design and construction and renewable energy. With over 10 years experience in the construction industry, Dustin combines technical expertise with real-world knowhow. He works with commercial and residential clients on “greening” projects and brings a holistic approach to the sustainable design process.

Husband of Noami, also a digital nomad and full-time camper-dweller, Dustin has an affinity for cruising the open road in his ‘85 Westy. When he’s not in the van, you can find him shredding waves on the coast or chasing sunset in the mountains. Dustin is a LEED Green Associate with a BS in Construction Management.


our story

Over two years ago we decided to invest in our lives. So, we quit our office jobs, sold all our things, and hit the road.

We lost some friends, bewildered our family, and were laughed at by those who didn’t understand… but we did it anyway. We chose to listen to that little “humming” deep inside telling us to go, to follow our dreams. This is the most radical thing we’ve ever done. We weren’t seeking comfort or an easy life. We were seeking a life of intention and purpose. 

For a long time we felt we were living a life that wasn’t our own - chasing someone else’s idea of success & happiness, consuming too much and not living enough.
Since then, we’ve found ourselves drawn to less, with a realization that we don’t need much to be happy. And the things we value now are not things at all. 

You see, in order to have the possibility to create the life we want to live, we’ve learned we must open the door to opportunity. This is true for anything in our lives - to explore the world, to grow as an individual, to pursue any passion. If we never try, we will never know. And if we only do what we’ve always done, we will only get where we’ve always been. 

This is one of the most interesting concepts we’ve encountered on our journey - and it’s been life changing.